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Nothing is more important in putting your business into HIGH-GROWTH MODE than designing an effective lead generation and sales conversion system that generates more pre-qualified PROSPECTS, builds a more ENGAGED list, and easily converts high-end clients without personal and professional REJECTION.

Take the Funnel Blueprint Quiz you see below because this custom assessment takes just 4 minutes out of your week, but what you'll discover from the "Report of Findings" could impact your business growth for the rest of your life.

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0 = I’ve not addressed this at all

4 = I’ve given this some attention

7 = I’m doing really well here

10 = I’ve totally nailed this


1. I am crystal clear and have a vivid vision for what my Marketing Funnel looks like

2. I have a written diagram of my Marketing Funnel for my Team/Partners to review

3. I use a Marketing Funnel as an entry point to my sales and prospecting sequence

4. My team realizes that crafting a Marketing Funnel Blueprint leads to wild success

5. I know the importance of having a different Marketing Funnel for each niche I serve


1. I strongly believe in my vision and realize that having a Marketing Funnel is critical

2. I do not take personal rejection too seriously when my potential clients say “NO”

3. I have created mental strategies for moving out of fear, disappointment or negativity

4. I keep my commitments and agreements with myself and others on my Team

5. I am in daily touch with my life's purpose and how it relates to my professional life


1. I have a process in place to convert prospects into high end clients

2. I strive to develop new skills and tools to help me grow my business

3. I have a clear written plan on how to double my profits within the next 6 -12 months

4. I have an implementation plan with steps and deadlines for timely project completion

5. I am confident in my ability to convert my vision into my business reality


1. I historically implement my plans and follow through with my commitments

2. I have surrounded myself with a support team that will help me execute my plan

3. I have an Action Calendar that my Team and I and refer to weekly to stay organized

4. I know what specific Actions I can take to eliminate roadblocks that keep me stuck

5. I have an Action Follow-Up System that allows me to close-the-loop on my projects


1. If eligible, I’m ready to schedule a private, live Funnel Marketing strategy session

2. If eligible, I’m open to discuss my future Funnel Marketing Blueprint income goals

3. If eligible, I’m willing to get coaching in Funnel Marketing areas where I feel stuck

4. If eligible, I’m motivated to invest in myself and craft a profitable Marketing Funnel

5. If eligible, I’m inspired to discover why my own Inner Voice may be holding me back

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